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Choosing the Elegance of Ceramic & Porcelain

There’s nothing as stunning and elegant to the eye as ceramic & porcelain tile, which is why it would make a great addition to your home. Another reason is that it fits in with any decor scheme, no matter how minimal or artistic. From one end of the spectrum to the other, these tiles make an excellent addition, either pulling everything together or creating an amazing focal point. It’s not a new concept either, with some tile floors dating back thousands of years B.C.

At La Bella Casa Flooring Studio, we place customer satisfaction at the top of our list. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, and we’ll do our best to make sure that you are. We offer a great selection of floor coverings to choose from when you visit our showroom in St. Pharr, TX, and can help you with your flooring project, from start to finish. We serve the areas of McAllen, Mission, Edinburg, Pharr, and Weslaco, and we hope to be able to serve you as well. Stop by our showroom any time and let us know what your flooring plans are. We can help you get started right away.

Ceramic & porcelain for every room

From bedrooms to bathrooms and everything in between, ceramic & porcelain tile make excellent material for every space. From an all-natural appearance with a simple clear glaze to stunning bright colors in every shape and size, you’ll find exactly what you need no matter what rooms needs flooring.
Ceramic tile flooring in Pharr, TX from La Bella Casa Flooring Studio
The amazing water resistance of these materials makes it a great contribution to bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers. Dampness, humidity, and moisture have no effect on these floor coverings, and spills and messes are just as easy to clean up. Even in the laundry room, you’ll find they are a true improvement, providing you with peace of mind as well as an excellent flooring material.

Both ceramic & porcelain are hard and dense, having been fired in very hot kilns during the manufacturing process. Porcelain is a bit harder and a bit more waterproof, but for most rooms, the difference matters very little. The density of these flooring materials means that it is durable enough for any room and any traffic level, standing up well to some of the highest levels of foot traffic. This is one of the reasons it’s an exceptional material for living rooms and other busy spaces.

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